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Top 10 Lead Forensics Competitors for Visitor Identification in 2024

Janhavi Nagarhalli
September 15, 2023
June 10, 2024
Table of Contents

Looking for Lead Forensics competitors to better identify and enrich anonymous accounts engaging with your business? You're in the right place. Here's our review of the top 10 Lead Forensics alternatives in 2024

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Lead Forensics' features, limitations, and pricing
  • Top 9 Lead Forensics competitors — including their features, limitations, and pricing 
  • Factors you should consider when investing in an account intelligence tool

About Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is a popular visitor identification software that works with over 60,000 customers worldwide. The tool helps businesses identify companies visiting a website using reverse IP-lookup technology.

Some of its key features include:

  • Real-time website visitor tracking
  • Large database regularly updated with B2B IP addresses 
  • Access to contact-level data such as email IDs and phone numbers

Lead Forensics offers two plans: Essential and Automate

Although there’s not much clarity about the pricing on their website, here’s our comprehensive breakdown of Lead Forensics Pricing

Why look for a Lead Forensics Alternative?

Lead Forensics is a widely used tool in the account intelligence space. That being said, no solution is without its flaws. Here are a few reasons why B2B marketers and sales folk consider Lead Forensics competitors. 

Lack of Granularity in Data: Users have stated that they prefer to gain access to deeper insights with the data collected by the tool 

Pros and Cons of Lead Forensics

Steep Pricing: Customers across review platforms have stated that Lead Forensics can be relatively pricey for SME businesses looking for cost-effective solutions

Reasons to dislike Led Forensics

Learning curve: Users on G2 have reported that the tool presents certain complexities, leading to a slightly steep learning curve

A reason to dislike Lead Forensics: Difficult to use

What to Look for in a Lead Forensics Alternative

  • Granular Data: Look for a solution that offers in-depth insight into when a high-fit and high-intent account visits your website. This means access to technographic and firmographic data as well. 
  • Real-Time Notifications: Ensure your sales and marketing teams act right when target accounts visit your website. Select a tool that sends real-time alerts on Slack and MS Teams instead of just emails. 
  • Robust Integration Options: Invest in a platform that allows flexible integration with existing tools in your tech stack. 
  • Ease of Use: Make sure you select a platform that is easy to navigate and has a clean UI 
  • Broader ABM functionality: While identifying web visitors is one part, taking actionable steps with this data is equally important. Opt for a tool that gives you the ability to execute your ABM strategy without the need to switch between multiple platforms
  • Account and Engagement Scoring: Find a tool that tells you how much your prospects engage with your website so you can appropriately target your marketing and sales efforts
  • Intent Data from Multiple Platforms: Your LinkedIn and G2 profiles are lead-generation goldmines, so invest in a solution that gives you 

Top 10 Lead Forensics Competitors in 2024

There are many Lead Forensics competitors in the market today, but we’ve researched and hand-picked the best ones for you. Here’s all you need to know about the top 10 visitor identification and account intelligence tools among B2B companies ⬇️

1. Clearbit

Clearbit Dashboard

Clearbit is a marketing intelligence tool for B2B businesses that offer users visitor deanonymization, along with intent data, contact data of leads & firmographic data. The tool offers users a large collection of data sets, using publicly available data on the internet, proprietary data, and a large language model (LLM) that organizes unstructured data into usable, standardized modes of information.

Key Features‍

Clearbit offers B2B companies a three-part solution: Enrich, Reveal, and Capture.

  • Enrichment: Clearbit’s vast database comprises over 250 data sources and millions of data points, allowing users to easily obtain novel leads.
  • Reveal: The tool uses AI-powered deanonymization with data in multiple languages to help users recognize lucrative advertising initiatives and high-intent accounts.
  • Capture: Clearbit’s seamless integration capabilities allow it to capture all relevant information from your CRM and streamline sales and marketing processes. 

💡Check out Factors’ new partnership with Clearbit


  • Relatively high pricing compared to other tools offering similar capabilities

Pricing issue in Clearbit
  • Users find Clearbit’s integrations immensely useful. However, they find that its data accuracy levels could be higher.‍
Complex user experience of Clearbit


TrustRadius lists Clearbit’s pricing as $20,000 annually, but the company does not have publicly available pricing information on its website. Clearbit offers flexible pricing on its website, which depends on the user’s contact creation needs, web traffic, and database size.

2. Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue Dashboard

Visitor Queue is a visitor identification tool that businesses use to identify prospective clients. You can then use it to reach out to decision-makers from the companies that you’re targeting. 

The tool also provides names, contact information, location, and social media links for the businesses visiting your website. It ensures compliance with local and international privacy laws by relying entirely on publicly available data pulled from a variety of sources.

Key Features

Visitor Queue offers its clients:

  • Real-time visitor identification
  • Website personalization
  • Anonymous website visitor tracking.


  • It does not have as large a database of companies as many competitors
  • It sometimes identifies internet service providers (ISPs) as visiting businesses.
A verified user’s review of Visitor Queue on TrustRadius, giving it a score of 6 out of 10


Visitor Queue offers five payment tiers depending on the number of leads a client requires from them per month. Here are Visitor Queue’s payment plans:

Visitor Queue Pricing

3. Factors.ai

Factors is an account intelligence and analytics solution that connects with industry-leading data partners to provide IP-based deanonymization. It also provides robust account analytics functions including multi-touch attribution, account scoring, path analysis, and more.

Key Features

Factors offers its clients versatile, comprehensive features, including:

  • IP-based B2B account identification across the website, product reviews & ad impressions, with match rates powered by 6sense and Clearbit
  • Real-time alerts across Slack & MS Teams to stay on top of high-intent accounts are live and engaging 
  • Account scoring where you can create your own scoring rules to score and qualify and segment high-intent accounts based on cross-channel engagement
  • G2 and LinkedIn intent signals to identify how prospects are engaging with your profile 
  • Workflow automation that allows you to push high-fit and high-intent prospects to mail sequencing tools, push to LinkedIn retargeting audience, and more with webhooks
  • Robust analytics and attribution that gives you complete overview on how buyers act at each stage of the customer journey.

💡Check out how Factors helped Drivetrain 3x their sales engagement 


  • Factors doesn’t offer native contact enrichment unlike other the more established platforms on this list but integrates with major enrichment tools like Apollo and Zoominfo 
A customer review on Factors.ai


Factors offer a free plan along with 3 other tiers:

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Growth 
  • Custom

Learn more about our pricing here

4. Happierleads

Happierleads Home Page

Happierleads’ visitor identification tool enables you to reach out to, and target leads that aren’t currently converting into clients. Happierleads’ automated solutions enable users to follow up with visitors and retarget them on autopilot. Its large database of companies also makes for quicker, easier visitor identification.

Key Features

Happierleads offers users four solutions:

  • Web Visitor Identification, which helps clients understand which visitors to target
  • Prospector, a solution that enables users to contact decision-makers for over 60 million companies
  • Enrichment, which adds missing information about leads
  • Outreach Software, which sends cold emails to target prospects


  • Users have reported that the platform can be unintuitive and difficult to navigate 
Not able to see a potental customers' journey
  • Does not offer dedicated engagement analytics


Happierleads offers 4 different pricing plans based on the company’s growth stage:

Happierleads Pricing Page

5. KickFire (now part of Foundry)

KickFire identifies leads who are engaging with your company and segments them according to intent. KickFire allows you to prioritize leads based on intent segmentation. It also allows users to see which types of content resonate the most with their target audiences. It is now a part of Foundry as of 2024. 

Key Features

KickFire offers users the following features:

  • Data verified by humans and normalized across the sales and marketing platforms
  • Prompts that offer actionable sales and marketing insights
  • Easy installation and buyer identification.


  • Customers have reported that the filtered results aren’t accurate and lack granularity when compared to other tools in the market
KickFire Limitatons


KickFire does not offer pricing information publicly.

6. LeadLander

LeadLander Dashboard

LeadLander’s visitor identification solution gives you employee contact information for priority leads. The tool offers users contact profiles and key data points that can help companies close more deals. It also provides user journey information and the web pages each visitor has seen.

‍Key Features

  • De-anonymization
  • Customer behavior and journey data
  • Key contact information for high-priority leads‍


  • Sometimes gives cable or ISP addresses in place of visitor data
  • Account scoring and engagement scoring capabilities are limited
LeadLander Reviews


LeadLander offers 2 pricing plans:

LeadLander Pricing Plans

7. LeadInfo

LeadInfo Dashboard

LeadInfo de-anonymizes website visitors for B2B clients using their extensive data set. They match the visitor’s IP address against their vast database. Their clients obtain an overview of website users, the companies they belong to, and their behaviors.

It offers users various one-click integrations and worldwide coverage to ensure seamless lead generation. It also lets B2B companies view website visitors in real-time.

‍Key Features

Leadinfo’s key features include:

  • A vast dataset of companies
  • Global coverage
  • 60+ one-click integrations
  • Real-time website visitor information‍


  • Limited dashboard capabilities
  • Users state that pricing is slightly on the higher end compared to tools with similar capabilities‍
LeadInfo Reviews

Leadinfo Pricing

Leadinfo’s pricing model uses a sliding scale based on the number of unique companies recognized per month on their clients’ websites.

Leadinfo Pricing

8. Albacross

Albacross Dashboard

Albacross’s account intelligence offerings help users nurture leads visiting their websites. They help clients discover unseen purchasing intent through their deanonymization feature, thereby generating more pipeline and accelerating sales.

Key Features

Albacross offers its users:

  • Visitor deanonymization
  • Real-time alerts for priority prospects
  • A global database of companies


  • Albacross doesn’t offer as many integrations as its counterparts
  • Software has a relatively steep learning curve
  • Doesn’t offer workflow automation  
Pros and Cons of Albacross

Albacross’s interface helps users organize data intuitively. However, small businesses have found that the tool may be more suited to larger organizations due to informational gaps in Albacross’s database.


Albacross offers users two pricing models: Self-service and Growth.

Albacross Pricing Plans

9. Leadfeeder (now Dealfront)

Leadfeeder Dashboard

Leadfeeder’s visitor identification capabilities help users convert page views into valuable pipeline.

Leadfeeder’s four-step plan to uncover hidden leads visiting their users’ websites is to identify, qualify, collect, and send leads. This ensures that their users obtain high-value leads that have a better chance of converting.

Key Features

Leadfeeder’s features include:

  • Website visitor tracking
  • Account-based marketing, and
  • Sales prospecting.


  • Limited integrations
  • Does not offer real-time alerts for website visitors
  • Lack of engagement scoring  and workflow automation
Leadfeeder Reviews


Leadfeeder offers users two payment plans:

Leadfeeder Pricing Plans

💡Compare‍ Albacross and Leadfeeder

10. Warmly

Warmly Home Page

Warmly is a sales orchestration platform that uses AI to identify, track, and connect with website visitors who are actively looking to buy. They offer workflow features that automate sales prospecting for SMB-sized revenue teams.

Key Features

  • Autonomous Sales Orchestration
  • Automated Intent-Driven Outreach
  • Website deanonymization


  • Massive pricing jump from the free plan
  • Customers have mentioned they would like additional filters to better segment their data
  • Users have reported that the tool has a steep learning curve
Warmly Reviews


Warmly offers a free plan along with a business plan for $1200/mo and an enterprise custom pricing.

Warmly Pricing Plans

Choose the Right Account Intelligence Tool For You 

Deanonymization is essential for B2B companies to expand and target high-value prospects. Your account intelligence tool should also help you qualify and activate high-intent accounts visiting your website. Factors analytics and attribution platform helps you evaluate and iterate your sales and marketing campaigns so you can turn prospects to paying customers in no time. 

Its no-code integrations and robust reporting make for an easy user experience with a minimal learning curve.


Get in touch with us today to find out how Factors’ account intelligence capabilities can help your company minimize pipeline leakage and increase efficiency and revenue.

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