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Everything you need to know about Lead Forensics Pricing. See how much Lead Forensics will Cost, Features, Reviews and More.

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Looking to learn more about Lead Forensics pricing, features, and more? The following article provides a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about Lead Forensics pricing. 

Lead Forensics is a popular B2B website visitor identification tool that reveals anonymous companies visiting a website and surfaces relevant contact details (Email, Phone numbers, etc) within those companies for outreach and targeting. Lead Forensics is used primarily by B2B marketers, sales folk, and agencies to leverage existing website traffic to drive sales revenue and marketing ROI. 

Lead Forensics Pricing & Plans

Lead Forensics offers two plans: Essential and Automate. Essential is designed for small to medium sized businesses to identify anonymous businesses viewing your website, unlock relevant contact data (phone numbers, mail ID, etc) and manage existing leads. Automate offers all this, plus additional features such as custom workflows, sequence actions (or as they call it, The Orchestrator), advanced CRM integrations and Fuzzy matching algorithm to maintain data hygiene. 

lead forensics pricing

Here’s a detailed feature overview of how the two plans compare to each other:

Feature Essential Automate
 List of business visitors Yes   Yes
Contact data   Yes Yes 
Categorization   Yes Yes 
Real-time notifications  Yes Yes 
Trigger reports   Yes Yes 
Conversion tracking   Yes Yes 
 Customizable dashboard  Yes Yes 
Data export   Yes Yes 
Named Customer Success Manager   Yes Yes 
Import and manage data files   Yes  Yes
 Lead manager  Yes Yes 
 Lead scoring  Yes Yes 
 Integrate with CRM  Yes  Yes
 Advanced integration with CRM  No Yes 
Automate CRM reports   No Yes 
 Prospect pipeline reports  No Yes 
Key account behavior tracking   No Yes 


Note that:

  • Lead Forensics offers a 7-days free trial
  • Lead Forensics does not offer a free plan

Unfortunately Lead Forensics does not openly reveal its pricing details. You’ll have to reach out to their sales team for an accurate quote based on your requirements and scale. That being said, we’ve dug deep to find what we can about Lead Forensics’ pricing:

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Lead Forensics pricing runs between around $250 to several thousand per month, depending on the volume of website traffic. Multiple reviews also highlight that obtaining contact data (phone numbers, email addresses, etc) cost an additional fee on top of the monthly platform subscription fee

lead forensics review

lead forensics review

To be fair, the few reviews that do provide hints into Lead Forensics pricing are…well, unhappy customers. Ignoring their not-so-great opinions of the product, we can see that Lead Forensics charges these users approximately £209 + vat per month (or $260/mo) and $500 per month respectively. 

lead forensics review

lead forensics review
lead forensics review

“To ensure a right sized solution for each of our clients, our pricing model is based upon relevant B2B traffic to a website or specified web pages. We offer a free trial period to ascertain the traffic volumes over a one week period. After which time, we will produce a bespoke proposal tailored to your business and your visitor traffic levels. We are committed to producing the right package and proposal for your business, which is why we don't have an off the shelf pricing model.” - Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics Reviews

Lead Forensics claims to maintain one of the world’s largest B2B IP-databases. But how do Lead Forensics customers find the platform to be on a day-to-day basis? Here’s what reviews have to say about user experience with Lead Forensics: 

In Summary 

Lead Forensics Benefits:

  • Intuitive onboarding 
  • Customer support

Lead Forensics Drawbacks: 

  • Data inaccuracy
  • Cost

Lead Forensics Rating:

  • G2: 4.3/5
  • Capterra: 3.4/5 
  • TrustRadius: 2.6/10

lead forensics review

lead forensics review

Lead Forensics Alternatives

There are several account identification and intelligence solutions out there. Here are a few common Lead Forensics alternatives to consider:

  • - for data-accuracy and advanced analytics, scoring, and attribution 
  • Leadfeeder (Now Dealfront) - for EU-centric account intelligence
  • Clearbit - for accounts and contact level intelligence

Factors is a leading account intelligence solution that helps B2B teams identify, qualify, and convert anonymous website traffic. Factors works with industry-standard data partners to provide accurate, cost-effective account intelligence. Why Factors over Lead Forensics? 

  • Better data: Factors identifies up to 64% of anonymous traffic — that’s 27% more accounts than the closest alternatives. 
  • Better intent signals: Factors stands out from alternatives in that it captures intent signals (ad views, impressions, page views) from LinkedIn and G2 in addition to website activity for holistic account engagement tracking.
  • Better deals: While Lead Forensics doesn't openly reveal prices, internal demos reveal that Factors provides far more cost-effective plans. Learn more here:
  • Better analytics: Factors is built upon strong analytics and attribution foundations. As a result, it provides granular website tracking, path analysis, timelines, and more. 



1. What does Lead Forensics do? 

Lead Forensics tracks business IPs to identify anonymous website traffic at an account-level. Once a visiting company has been identified, Lead Forensics also shares relevant contact information such as mail IDs and phone numbers to streamline outreach and targeting. 

2. What is the lead forensic code?

The Lead Forensics code is a tiny piece of code placed on a business website. It’s this code that enables users to identify websites visitors’ business IP addresses. This IP is then matched with an IP database to reveal business names and properties.

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