How to use LinkedIn ads to Support SDR Outbound

Discover how you can use LinkedIn ads and Factors AdPilot to level up your outbound motion and close more deals

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Janhavi Nagarhalli
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July 23, 2024
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B2B sales is a long and arduous process. Leading prospects from “Qualified Lead” to “Closed won” is a trying ordeal for even the best SDRs. So, what’s the best way to fast-track these deals?

Two words: LinkedIn ads. 

Instead of having your sales reps constantly follow up with “just checking in” emails, you can leverage the power of your ad campaigns to drive consideration for your product as they’re talking to your sales team. 

Let’s dive into how you can use LinkedIn ads to support your outbound efforts ⬇️

Streamline your ABM with account engagement data 

As you know, ABM typically involves marketing and sales aligning on a target list of accounts and then reaching out to them parallelly via sales outbound and marketing campaigns. However, the way marketers implement this process leaves much to be desired.

For example, if someone replies to your sales email, they’d naturally have higher buyer intent than someone who simply leaves your emails unopened. Would it make sense to show ads to prospects that aren’t interested in your solution? Moreover, you have no control over how your ads are shown to accounts in this list. For instance, you’d naturally want to show more ads to accounts in the SQL stage rather than ones already in negotiations. 

Rather than spreading your LinkedIn impressions uniformly across all accounts in the target account list, it is wiser to focus most of your ad spend on accounts showing more intent. You can use account engagement data to tailor your ads based on how far they’re along the sales funnel. To achieve this, you must invest in a tool that consolidates all your CRM data and turns it into actionable insights for your ad strategy.

Here’s how you can use Factors AdPilot to interpret your account data, optimize your LinkedIn ads, and move prospects across the funnel:

Show ads based on sales engagement 

While your prospects engage with your sales rep, you can target the buying committee by adding them to a sequential ad campaign and showing how your features effectively solve their problems.

You can use Audience Builder to target the right accounts per your campaign objectives. For example, if you want to target all accounts that have completed a demo call, you can create a segment on our platform and import it to LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

However, you should also limit the number of times you show them ads to avoid ad fatigue. Unfortunately, LinkedIn doesn’t yet have a feature that allows you to control the ad frequency at an account level. Lucky for you, Smart Reach can make it happen!

Smart Reach allows you to cap the number of impressions shown to specific accounts. Find out how we use Smart Reach at Factors to control ad exposure:

  1. Every account in the target account list (agreed on by marketing and sales) gets 500 impressions per month.
  1. If the account replies to an email or starts showing website activity, we bump up the impressions for them to 1500
  1. If a deal is booked we increase the impression cap to 2500 and by 1000 for every stage in the deal funnel.

This approach results in better sales and marketing alignment and allows you to target your account list better.

If you want to know whether your ads are truly working, it’s True ROI to the rescue. Thanks to view-through attribution, you get a complete overview of how prospects interact with your ads and make buying decisions.

Here’s a report that shows how many prospects view your ads and visit your website after a demo call: 

You can also use our CAPI integration to send your conversion data from your website and CRM to LinkedIn. For example, you can send data of users who respond to sales emails to optimize your campaigns better: 

Wrapping up

Outbound Sales can be daunting, but simultaneously running LinkedIn ads makes it easier. When you target your ads to prospects according to how they’re engaged with sales, you can speed up your sales process without seeming pushy. Speak to our team today to learn how AdPilot can help you supercharge your ad campaigns and close deals in no time.

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