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July 19, 2024
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Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Who, me? No, Google!

If you’re a B2B marketer, we’re almost 99.99% sure you’ve heard that third-party cookies will soon be a thing of the past. 

The deprecation of third-party cookies has impacted conversion tracking. This increased the need for accurate feedback data to optimize campaigns, drive conversions, and prove ROI to leadership.

While LinkedIn reports that audiences who see brand and acquisition messages on the platform are 6X more likely to convert than those exposed to just one type of message - what happens when conversion tracking becomes tougher? You fall back on Factors’s LinkedIn AdPilot.

Factors' CAPI integration with "set & forget campaign" optimization solves the cookie deprecation challenge. CAPI ensures your LinkedIn ad campaigns have the necessary data, even without third-party cookies. This feature simplifies campaign optimization. It helps marketers achieve their goals despite the loss of third-party cookies.


Factors’ CAPI integration is a powerful feature for B2B marketers looking to enhance the performance of their LinkedIn campaigns. CAPI helps businesses overcome the challenges posed by third-party cookie deprecation by leveraging first-party data and enabling automated optimization. With CAPI, marketers can achieve more accurate tracking, seamless integration, and improved ROI, making it an essential component of any modern digital marketing strategy.

What is CAPI?

CAPI sends conversion data from websites, campaigns, CRM, and other sources directly to LinkedIn's ad platform. This data is crucial for self-optimizing campaigns, providing LinkedIn's algorithms with accurate and complete information. It works like Google's Conversion API, which effectively optimizes campaigns.

The Problem: Third-Party Cookie Deprecation

Issues with Data Loss and Campaign Optimization

The deprecation of third-party cookies has disrupted conversion tracking. These cookies have allowed marketers to track user behavior and measure conversions accurately. However, with new privacy changes in browser policies, third-party cookies are becoming less viable. This shift has caused substantial data loss. This makes it hard for marketers to gather the insights needed for effective campaign optimization.

Without accurate conversion data, LinkedIn’s self-optimizing algorithms are hampered. Campaigns that rely on third-party cookies may see a significant drop in performance due to incomplete data, resulting in underreported conversions and inefficient ad spending.

Consequences for Marketers

The broader implications of data loss resulting from the deprecation of third-party cookies can be understood in these two ways:

  • Reporting limitations hinder marketers from accurately measuring campaign conversions, leading to inefficient budget allocation.

  • Auto campaign optimization and bidding strategies suffer due to the lack of conversion data.

How CAPI Solves the Problem

Factors’ CAPI integration addresses this issue by bypassing the need for third-party cookies. Instead, it relies on first-party data from a company’s digital properties and CRM. This data is then passed back to LinkedIn, allowing for continuous and accurate tracking of conversion events.

Our CAPI integration sends conversion event data to LinkedIn. This data includes online events like website visits, clicks, and form fills, as well as offline events like MQLs, SQLs, or deal creations. CAPI removes the guesswork in optimizing ad campaigns, ensuring data-driven decisions and better performance.

Besides CAPI, we seamlessly integrate LinkedIn Ads data into your Factors dashboards through our AdPilot suite. This integration merges comprehensive LinkedIn analytics, giving insights into pipeline and revenue attribution.

Key Benefits of CAPI

  1. Enhanced Accuracy: 

Using first-party data, CAPI ensures accurate tracking and reporting of all conversion events. This results in more reliable data for optimizing campaigns.

  1. Send Conversion Data to LinkedIn: 

Factors’ CAPI integration allows you to send conversion data from any source to LinkedIn. We also enable you to send offline and online conversion data to LinkedIn via Factors. 

  1. Automated Optimization: 

Once set up, Factor’s CAPI integration lets you optimize campaigns with a "set & forget" approach. Conversion data automatically feeds back to LinkedIn so the platform can self-optimize your campaigns without constant manual intervention.

  1. Improved ROI:

    With precise conversion tracking, your LinkedIn campaigns become more efficient. Automated optimization further enhances their effectiveness, leading to a higher return on investment.

Use Case: B2B Marketing Campaign

Here’s how CAPI can change up your marketing campaign:

Use Cases

Accurate Conversion Event Tracking

One of CAPI's primary benefits is its ability to ensure accurate conversion event tracking. By utilizing first-party data, CAPI allows for precise and reliable conversion tracking. This improved data accuracy leads to better campaign performance and more informed decision-making.

Self-Optimizing Campaigns

CAPI enables LinkedIn’s algorithms to receive comprehensive data, enhancing self-optimization. With precise and timely conversion data, LinkedIn can automatically adjust targeting, bidding, and creative elements to maximize campaign performance.

Improved Ad Targeting and Personalization

CAPI's granular data enhances targeting strategies, creating more personalized ad experiences. Marketers can effectively tailor their targeting efforts with detailed insights into which ads drive conversions and how users interact with them.

Seamless Integration with Marketing Ecosystem

CAPI integrates with your current marketing infrastructure. This integration ensures a cohesive data strategy. It streamlines workflows and improves data accuracy across platforms.

In a nutshell

Most platforms only track basic CRM events like Marketing Qualified and Sales Qualified Leads. However, Factors identifies top-tier users early by using various upstream events, lowering LinkedIn's Customer Acquisition Cost. It supports multiple online, offline, custom, and unique product events. These events create a feedback loop, integrating data for better campaign optimization and more leads.

Ready to take your LinkedIn campaigns to the next level? Start using Factors’ CAPI feature today and experience the benefits of set-and-forget campaign optimization. Get in touch to learn more and get started.

Read more about LinkedIn Impressions here.

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