Top 7 Koala Alternatives to Consider in 2024

Discover the best Koala alternatives to supercharge your marketing efforts in 2024

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If you’ve landed on this article, chances are you’re looking for an intent data tool to improve your marketing efforts and drive pipeline for your company. 

While Koala is a great tool for beginners to experiment with intent-based marketing, many other platforms offer a wider set of features that can take your marketing game to the next level.

Scroll ahead to find 7 Koala alternatives that you can consider for your business ⬇️

Why look for a Koala alternative?

Koala is an AI-powered buyer intent data platform that helps businesses identify and prioritize their most promising sales prospects based on their website interactions and engagement. The tool was launched in 2022 and is relatively new compared to other lead scoring tools in the market. 

Koala offers a range of features such as:

  • Visitor identification: Identify and track how prospects interact with your website by analyzing historical pageviews, events, and form-fills.
  • ICP Scoring: You can assign an ICP score based on various demographic and technographic data points, such as company size, industry, ARR, among others.  
  • Intent signals and engagement scoring: Capture intent data and prioritize leads based on how engaged they are with your product.
  • Alerts: Get Slack alerts when an ICP account interacts with your website.
  • Automations: Sync intent signals to your CRM and route high-intent leads to the assigned sales reps. 

However, since it is a new tool, it doesn’t have all the features a marketing team might need to build out their GTM motion:

Koala offers a free plan with a 250-account limit, and its paid plans begin at $350/month.

This pricing might be steep for early-stage companies, especially when other tools on the market are cost-effective and offer more features. 

4 Factors to consider when looking for a Koala alternative

Robust integration options: Since Koala only offers integrations to Hubspot, Salesforce, and Apollo, you must look for a tool that seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack.

Custom workflow automations: Find a tool that allows you to build custom workflows that automate your sales and marketing processes across your CRMs to save time. 

AI-powered insights: Don’t just consolidate data and reports; understand the ‘why’ behind your numbers and learn how you can improve with AI-powered insights.

Extract intent data from multiple platforms: Your prospects conduct research beyond your website before they make a purchase. Invest in a solution that gives you intent signals from relevant sources such as LinkedIn, review sites, communities, and the like. 

Top 7 Koala alternatives

Want to find the right tool and boost your marketing ROI? We’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the 7 best Koala alternatives you can browse to make the right decision.

P.S.: We’ve ranked these tools in alphabetical order to ensure impartiality. Let’s dive in 🏊


Clearbit is a data enrichment platform that provides businesses with intent data about their customers and prospects. The key things Clearbit does are:

  • Data Enrichment: Clearbit integrates with various tools like CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and websites to automatically enrich customer and prospect data with detailed company and contact information. 
  • Lead Scoring and Routing: Clearbit's data and AI-powered algorithms allow businesses to score and route leads based on fit and buying intent signals. 
  • Intent Tracking: Clearbit's IP intelligence data allows businesses to identify anonymous website visitors who match their ideal customer profile and show buying intent signals.
  • Dynamic Form Shortening: Clearbit can reduce form friction by automatically populating form fields with enriched data, requiring users to only provide an email address.

Why Clearbit is a good alternative to Koala

  • The form-shortening feature isn’t available in Koala. 
  • Clearbit has greater integration options.
  • Clearbit also offers auto prospecting, a feature that’s yet to arrive in Koala.


  • Clearbit doesn’t integrate with LinkedIn, which makes it difficult to transfer data between the two platforms.
  • The setup process is relatively trickier than other products.
  • Users have reported that the new UX updates make the platform difficult to use. 


Clearbit’s pricing is currently unknown. You have to fill out a form and contact their sales team for further details.

Factors is an account intelligence and analytics platform that helps you grow pipeline by identifying sales-ready accounts and using data to create marketing campaigns that resonate with your target accounts. We have partnered with 6sense and Clearbit for industry-leading IP data, identifying up to 64% of anonymous companies.

Why Factors is a good alternative to Koala

  • Factors can pull intent signals from LinkedIn and G2, which gives greater visibility into high-intent accounts considering your solution. Plus, you can unify all your account-level data from multiple sources.
  • Our newest segment insights feature allows you to gain a broader understanding of how different user segments resonate with your product. 
  • Factors also can help you personalize your cold outreach based on intent data, thereby taking your sales strategy to the next level.
  • Use Factors to create custom workflow automations to simplify your business processes across multiple CRMs.
  • The account and engagement scoring features allow you to assign a value to every interaction an ICP account has with your website. You can now prioritize accounts with high scores to close deals faster. 


  • Factors doesn’t offer information at a user level due to privacy and compliance regulations.


💡Learn more about our pricing here.

Leadfeeder (now Dealfront)

Leadfeeder (now known as Dealfront) is a website visitor identification tool that identifies anonymous high-intent accounts and sends them to your sales team. Combined with Echobot, Dealfront is a popular tool in the account intelligence space used by 10K+ customers worldwide. 

Why Leadfeeder is a good alternative to Koala

  • If you are based in Europe, Leadfeeder is a better option for your business.
  • Leadfeeder has better reporting capabilities for customers looking to go deeper into account analytics.


  • The product is limited to identifying website intent data.
  • Leadfeeder does not offer funnel analytics and signal reports.
  • Users have reported that they’d prefer more filters when segmenting their lead list. 


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Lead411 is a B2B data provider that offers buyer intent data with Bombora. They offer a set of features such as:

  • Intent topics: You can classify and set between 5-25 intent topics.  
  • Lead prospecting: Lead411 has an in-built prospecting tool to streamline the outbound process.
    CRM Enhancer: Automatically update your CRM with the latest data.

Why Lead411 is a good alternative to Koala

  • Lead411 offers a comprehensive contact database and triple verification, a feature currently missing in Koala.
  • They also offer a Chrome extension so you can identify and find phone numbers and emails in no time.
  • If you’re looking for a tool to also boost your outreach, Lead411 offers multi-channel outreach and sales engagement to improve your outbound processes.


  • Users have found that even verified contacts may not be accurate at times.

  • The data can be difficult to manage because the platform doesn’t have the capabilities to sort it out into multiple manageable lists.



Snitcher unmasks anonymous companies visiting your website. The platform helps you understand their interests and convert them into qualified leads by tracking visitor behavior and enriching leads with details. Snitcher’s key offerings are:

  • Website deanonymization: Sintcher’s “identify” turns your anonymous website traffic into actionable leads and information in real-time.
  • Google Analytics enrichment: Snitcher adds context to Google Analytics data by enriching the numbers with company identifications
  • Lead segmentation: You can segment your leads into audiences and run relevant marketing campaigns.

Why Snitcher is a good alternative to Koala

  • Snitcher’s white label service is great for agencies who want to provide their clients’ sales teams with high-quality leads.
  • Snithcer gives you a deeper insight into how you can optimize your ad spend across LinkedIn, Google and Facebook.


  • Users have reported that the filtering setup can be improved to navigate the platform easily.

  • The pricing is higher than most account intelligence tools since they charge with usage-based pricing



Warmly is an AI-powered sales orchestration tool that offers website identification and allows you to tailor your outreach based on intent data. It offers multiple features such as:

  • Autonomous Sales Orchestration: Capture buyer intent to personalize engagement across email, LinkedIn, and live chat.
  • Scales Sales Capacity: Allows engaging with every target account visiting the website via multi-threaded conversations without needing to add headcount.
  • Orchestrates Tech Stack: Consolidates tools, workflows, and actions to instantly capture decision-makers’ interest by integrating with Warmly.
  • AI Chatbots: AI Chat automatically scrapes your account’s website information to create personalized, proactive chat messages to prospects.

Why Warmly is a good alternative to Koala

  • Warmly is a better Koala alternative if your SDRs and AEs are looking to improve their sales game 
  • Koala lacks the AI chatbot feature, which can play a major role in closing deals on behalf of your sales teams


  • If you’re looking for a product with more marketing-related use cases, Warmly may not be the best option. 
  • The pricing is higher than most of the tools on this list. Users have stated that it’s a huge jump from the free plan


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Zoominfo is a comprehensive B2B contact enrichment and analytics solution that offers a suite of products for sales and marketing teams. You can use Sales OS and Marketing OS to find high-intent prospects and send personalized outbound campaigns. 

Why Zoominfo is a good alternative to Koala

  • Zoominfo offers data enrichment services, a feature that’s currently missing in Koala
  • They offer conversation intelligence to help sales teams analyze every demo call and refine their sales strategy accordingly.  


  • Multiple users on G2 have stated that the tool has a steep learning curve, which isn’t ideal for agile marketing teams who want to use the platform for their day-to-day activities
  • The contacts provided by the tool could be outdated, thus hampering your outreach efforts


Since Zoominfo doesn’t publicly display its pricing, you can learn about it here: ZoomInfo Pricing, Alternatives & Overview | 2024 

Choose the best Koala alternative today

Investing in intent data software depends on your company's needs. SMBs who are new to account intelligence may prefer a slimmed-down platform like Koala. However, if you’re looking to create a well-rounded GTM strategy while aligning your sales and marketing efforts, is the one for you.

Speak to our team today to find out how you can best use intent data for your marketing campaigns. 


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