5 Leadfeeder Alternatives For Visitor Identification In 2024

The following article explores 5 comprehensive Leadfeeder alternatives including key features, benefits, and drawbacks with each Leadfeeder alternative.

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January 10, 2024
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It’s official. Leadfeeder has joined forces with Echobot to form Dealfront — a Europe-centric go-to-market platform. As a result of this merger, Leadfeeder’s pricing plans have increased to start at $215+ per month with limited seats and data. 

Several Leadfeeder users are looking for comparable sales intelligence alternatives to help identify and track anonymous website visitors. 

If you’re in the same boat, or are simply considering your options, this is the right place for you. 

The following article explores 5 comprehensive Leadfeeder alternatives to help your team make a seamless switch. We'll highlight key features, benefits, and drawbacks with each Leadfeeder alternative.

By the end of this article, we’d like to help you find an equally effective, if not better, alternative to your current visitor identification tool.

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Leadfeeder Alternatives For Website Visitor Identification


Leading off our list is Factors is unique in that it’s originally built upon strong analytics and attribution foundations. A recent partnership with 6sense, a leading enterprise-grade ABM platform, has propelled Factors into becoming a rising star in the visitor identification software space. 

With this collaboration, Factors delivers industry-leading visitor identification, firmographics, and account timelines along with its existing ABM analytics and multi-touch attribution capabilities. Key Features 

Here’s a brief breakdown of’s key features

1. Account Identification 

Of course, every tool featured on a list of Leadfeeder alternatives must be capable of identifying and tracking accounts visiting the website. Factors is no exception to this. In fact, as a result of its collaboration with 6sense, Factors taps into enterprise-grade IP data to identify up to 64% of anonymous companies — including firmographics (employee headcount, industry, location, etc) and website activity (page visits, time spent, scroll-depth, etc).

Factors also provides real-time Slack alerts to help teams stay on top of high-intent visitors and strike while the iron’s still hot. These alerts can be configured to go off based on specific firmographic features and website behavior — so you can target ICP companies visiting your site. 

2. Account Scoring & Timelines

Factors integrates with campaigns, website, and CRM data to provide cross-channel account scoring and full-funnel timelines across the customer journey. With this feature, users can see exactly what touchpoints (ads, blogs, emails, webpages, etc) are influencing accounts to progress from top-of-the-funnel visitors to paying customers. Users can identify and prioritize high-intent accounts for focused outreach and re-marketing efforts

3. Advanced Analytics:

Unlike other solutions on this list (including Leadfeeder), Factors provides a wide range of analytics and attribution capabilities in addition to visitor identification. A few advanced analytics features include:

  • ABM analytics - Integrates with ad platforms, CRMs, CDPs and more to unify reporting and support campaign analytics, website analytics, funnels, and more at an account level. 
  • Path analysis - View aggregate user behavior and identify points of inflection in conversions and drop-offs along the customer journey 
  • Multi-touch attribution - Connect the dots between go-to-market initiatives and pipeline, optimize resource allocations across campaigns, and prove marketing ROI with a wide range of multi-touch attribution models. review 


Benefits of

Here are a few reasons why you may prefer to other tools:

1. Data accuracy: As previously mentioned, Factors taps into 6sense’s extensive database to provide industry-leading website visitor identification. In fact, rigorous testing with a sample data set of over 20,000 domains reveals that Factors identifies upto 27% more accounts than the closest alternatives — including established brands such as Clearbit and Demandbase. 

Industry-leading match rates with

2. Granular metrics: Given Factors’ roots in account analytics, it’s capable of reporting granular metrics and events as compared to other visitor identification alternatives. A few of these include:

  • % scroll-depth
  • Auto-button captures
  • Cursor engagement 
  • Page time spent

3. Scoring & Alerts: Not all your website visitors are immediately read-to-buy. Some are further along the funnel than others. According, Factors supports custom account scoring models so you can qualify and be alerted to high-intent, ICP accounts engaging with your company in real-time.

Drawbacks of

Contact-level enrichment  - No privacy-compliant software can identify exactly which individual visited a website without having a visitor explicitly submit a contact form. That being said, the majority of tools on this list can source a list of ideal prospects to reach out to from the companies they’ve identified. 

At the moment, Factors cannot provide this information natively. Instead, users can find contact information on third party tools such as Zoominfo or Apollo. Pricing

Learn more about pricing here:

Curious to see Factors in action? Book a personalized demo here.


2. Albacross

Next up, we have Albracross. Albracross is one of the leading visitor identification and intent data companies in Europe. The Sweden-based platform works with over 10,000 companies to provide customer data enrichment, sales alerts, and intent signals.

albacross logo

Key Features

1. Account Identification: Like the other tools on this list, Albacross identifies anonymous accounts, firmographic information and visitor intent. Albacross features one of the largest proprietary first-party databases in the world.

2. Personalization: Albacross natively integrates with popular personalization tools such as Optimizely and VWO to customize website content based on who’s visiting the site. This is a powerful feature for product marketers looking to identify visitors and tailor messaging based on their profiles.

3. Display ads: A nifty feature offered by Albacross is the ability to launch and monitor display ads within the platform itself. The software partners with several publicists such as The New York Times and Daily Mail to distribute account-level targeted ads. 

Benefits of Albacross

Here are a few reasons why you may prefer Albacross to other tools:

1. Experimenting: Given that Albacross is one of the few Leadfeeder alternatives to integrate with personalization tools, it offers the unique benefit for product marketers to experiment and run A/B tests in conjunction with visitor identification and intent data

2. Customer success: Several reviews rave about Albacross’s stellar customer success management. Given that Albacross is considered to be an involved, enterprise-level tool, it’s essential to have this level of support to get the most value out of the product. 

Albacross positive review

Drawbacks of Albacross:

Here are a few reasons you may consider other tools over Albacross:

1. Rigid firmographics and filters - Albacross seems to lack agility when it comes to filters and breakdowns. Reviews reveal that it’s currently not possible to filter identified companies based on firmographics such as name or size. As a result, users seem to find sorting and reporting somewhat challenging.

albacross review

2. Buggy integrations: Multiple reviews claim that Albacross’s integrations, especially with CRMs like Salesforce, could do with some work. Given that visitor identification is primarily used to support ABM, this can be a major drawback to B2B teams. Tools like Zapier may be used to smoothen out workflows for now. 

Albacross negative review

3. Lead Forensics

Founded in 2009, Lead Forensics is the oldest, most established website visitor identification software in this list. They own a sizable database of over 1.4 billion IP addresses, adding up to 55 millions contacts every year. 

Lead forensics logo

Key Features

Lead Forensics doesn’t have too many bells and whistles as compared to the other tools on this list. Its primary features are limited to visitor identification and contact data.

1. Account identification: Like Leadfeeder, Factors, and Albacross, Lead Forensics identifies anonymous businesses visiting your website by connecting the dots between IP addresses and company names. In the case of multinational companies, Lead Forensics is capable of showing which specific office is interacting with your website. This is handy for businesses looking to sell to large corporations. 

2. Contact data: Lead Forensics also helps teams identify key contacts within companies visiting your website to assist with retargeting and outbound reachout. Here’s a brief summary of the kind of details that Lead Forensics can provide: 

  • Business name
  • Contact details of key decision makers
  • Telephone, email and LinkedIn details
  • Demographics
  • Search behavior
  • Financial data

Lead Forensics positive review

Benefits of Lead Forensics

A unique benefit with Lead Forensics is its mobile application. With their “Essential” plan, users can have trigger reports sent directly to their phones.

Lead Forensics mobile app

Drawbacks of Lead Forensics 

Here are a few reasons you may consider other tools over Lead Forensics:

1. Poor UI - Lead Forensics is one of the oldest visitor identification software around. While experience is generally a positive sign, several users complain about Lead Forensics’ UI remaining outdated and unintuitive. Users find the tool to have limited functionality in terms of ad-hoc analysis, dashboards, and filters as well.

2. Pricing - While Lead Forensics does not openly reveal its pricing plans, it’s generally considered to be on the more expensive side. While this may not be a barrier for larger, enterprise-level companies, pricing may be prohibitive for small to mid-market start ups — especially when there are cost-effective alternatives available.

Lead forensics 

 lead forensics review

4. Clearbit 

Fourth in our list is Clearbit. Clearbit is another well-established B2B data activation platform that offers a wide suite of products within its platform. 

clearbit logo

Key Features

Clearbit is divided into three broad products: 

1. Reveal - Clearbit identifies anonymous website visitors using IP-lookup. Given that every tool on this list does this, data accuracy and pricing are two important considerations when differentiating between alternatives. 

2. Enrichment - Clearbit also provides firmographics from over 250 data sources. This includes technologies, headcount, revenue, location, contact information, and more.

3. Capture - like Leadfeeder Contacts, identifies best-fit contacts from companies visiting your website to reach out to with retargeting campaigns or outbound efforts

 Clearbit positive review

Benefits of Clearbit

1. Free plan: While Clearbit’s paid plans are relatively expensive, they offer a nifty free plan to de-anonymize anonymous traffic. That being said, the free plan is quite limiting as users can enrich only 50 domains a month. This becomes an issue as website traffic starts to scale over time. Still, it’s free — so who can complain? 

Here’s a breakdown of what Clearbit’s free plan offers:

  • Identify site traffic
  • Calculate total addressable market size
  • Determine ideal client profile
  • Enrich domains and emails (up to 50 per month)
  • Find email addresses (up to 100 per month)

2. Smart chat: Smart chat is a handy feature for sales reps to connect with high-value, high-intent visitors with personalized conversational ABM while visitors are live on the site. Chat prompts can be triggered based on visitor characteristics and behavior such as industry, page views, headcount, etc.

Drawbacks of Clearbit

1. Pricing: Clearbit does not reveal pricing details on its website. But several user reviews suggest that pricing is on the higher side for early to mid-stage startups.

Clearbit quality of leads review

2. Customer support: Clearbit works with a wide range of clients from early-stage startups to enterprise-level companies. Users from the former seem to face issues when it comes to customer support, claiming that it’s often slow and inadequate.

Clearbit customer support review

5. Visitor Queue

The final option on our list is Visitor Queue. Visitor Queue is a Canada-based visitor identification and personalization platform that identifies the name, contact detail and user data of accounts visiting your website.

VisitorQueue logo

Key Features

1. Visitor identification: What separates Visitor Queue from the rest of the tools on this list is its ability to aggregate company social profiles in addition to standard firmographics and contact information. 

2. Personalization: Like Albracross, Visitor Queue allows users to personalize their website based on configurable criterias such as industry, source/medium, location, and more. This helps product marketers differentiate their brand from competitors and experiment with different messaging to improve conversions.

Visitor Queue review

Benefits of Visitor Queue

1. Unlimited users - Most tools on this list (excluding limit the number of seats per account. Given that visitor identification is used by sales, marketing, and customer success teams, it’s valuable to have an unlimited number of users with Visitor Queue.

2. Pricing - Visitor Queue is a more affordable option as compared to the likes of Clearbit and Lead Forensics with prices starting at just $31/month to identify 100 companies per month. This makes it a good option for early-stage teams that are working with tight budgets.

Drawbacks of Visitor Queue

1. Rigid reporting - While Visitor Queue does well at the basics, users complain about its restrictive UI when it comes to ad hoc reports, filters, and dashboards. As a company starts to grow, its requirements for tailor-made reporting do too. Visitor Queue wouldn’t back a good fit for custom usage.

Visitor queue rigid reporting review

2. Data issues - User reviews complain about data inaccuracies with Visitor Queue. While no tool is perfect, Visitor Queue seems to lag behind industry-standards in terms of accurately identifying visitors. While it’s great to have an inexpensive alternative, a visitor identification tool won’t be of much value unless it identifies the right visitors. 

visitor queue data issues review

And there you have it! A brief summary of 5 comprehensive Leadfeeder alternatives to help you identify anonymous website visitors. Each of these tools have their pros and cons — and one is likely to be better suited to your needs than the others.

Let’s make the decision easier for you: 

  • If pricing and account-level data accuracy are priorities, is likely the best option. 
  • If the ability to personalize your website based on who’s visiting your site is what you’re looking for, Albacross and Visitor Queue are two great options.
  • If you’re a larger enterprise without budget constraints, Clearbit could be the right option. identifies up to 64% of anonymous visitors — the highest match rate in the industry. Looking to learn more about how Factors can help? Book a personalized demo here

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