7 Best Bizible Alternatives and Competitors in 2023

Learn about the top 7 Bizible alternatives in 2023. We explore each tool’s features, reviews, and pricing to help you choose the right attribution tool.

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January 19, 2024
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Given that B2B deals involve several touch-points and lengthy sales cycles, it has become harder to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Hence attribution has become a crucial part of B2B marketing. 

Bizible is one of the tools at the forefront of attribution technology. Though Adobe has acquired Bizible and is now Adobe Marketo Measure, its attribution solution is still one of the best. 

But upon evaluating the customer reviews of Bizible, we found limitations that hinder the complete adoption of the tool. This blog deconstructs the drawbacks and finds why Bizible users search for alternatives. 

We also evaluate 7 Bizible competitors, their features, reviews, and pricing to help you find the best tool for your business.

Table of Contents

  • Why are marketers looking for Bizible alternatives?
  • An overview of the top 7 Bizible alternatives and competitors
  • Top 7 Bizible alternatives and competitors
  • Takeaway

Why are marketers looking for Bizible alternatives?

Bizible (Marketo Measure) is an ideal attribution software for businesses to track the ROI and effectiveness of marketing efforts against revenue or conversion. In addition, it provides insights into the marketing channels or platforms that trigger most customer engagement.

But is it the best marketing attribution software available in the market? Is it the right tool for your company? 

Though Bizible provides many valuable features, it is not the best choice for customers for multiple reasons. We have gone through the customer reviews on platforms like G2, Capterra, etc., and found that -

  • Bizible is a costly tool.
  • It takes a long time to set Bizible up.
  • Bizible’s dashboard is not easy to use and understand.
  • Data management in Bizible is complex and hard to understand.
  • Bizible provides minimal integrations with third-party tools.
  • The range of attribution models available in the tool is limited.
  • Its funnel metrics feature’s performance is poor and is hard to filter.
G2 review of adobe marketo measure or bizible

These drawbacks lead businesses to look for user-friendly alternatives that meet their unique requirements and offer better value for money

So here's a list of solutions that are the best Bizible alternative based on user reviews, pricing, and many more factors. 

Top 7 Bizible alternatives and competitors

1. is one the best Bizible alternatives is a marketing analytics and attribution tool that offers multiple features such as account deanonymization, ABM analytics, and customer journey analytics. The tool is purpose-built for SaaS marketers and can help amplify the marketing ROI.

Its no-code integration makes the onboarding process easy. In addition, Factors consolidates siloed data from multiple sources such as website visitor data, CRM, Clearbit data, and Google Search Console. This centralized data helps both marketing and sales teams to understand their customers, optimize their efforts, and strive for increased conversion rates

It has a retroactive data capture function. Once installed, the tool automatically tracks all events.’s review on G2

Key features

  • Multi-Touch Attribution:

Factors enables marketers to compare and choose the best attribution models for their business. It can track all essential touchpoints across multiple channels. This enables enterprises to attribute revenue to the most influential touchpoint accurately. 

A graphical representation of last-click attribution in Factors
  • Account Deanonymization:

What makes Factors stand out from the crowd is account deanonymization. It helps B2B marketers identify anonymous account-level traffic and gain information about companies visiting, such as

  • Company name
  • Industry
  • Employee range
  • Revenue range. 

The above data can help businesses identify qualified traffic and their customer journey.

  • ABM Analytics:

Factors provides a complete suite of analytics techniques to drive account-based marketing efficiently. Its dedicated website analysis can help marketers understand and improve the conversion rate with the following.

  • Automated button tracking
  • Custom domain tracking
  • Granular page analytics

Also, the funnel analytics feature enables marketers to create and analyze data from multiple sources. It further helps marketers gain deeper insights into identifying trends, patterns, and other opportunities to optimize campaigns. 

  • Journey Analytics:

Journey analytics helps marketers gain a comprehensive idea of the buyer's journey. The path analysis provides marketers with a vivid picture of the influential user paths, helping optimize marketing efforts. And the ‘Explain’ feature helps identify the variables that positively and negatively impact the defined goal. 

  • Unified Dashboard:

Factors provide a customizable dashboard where you can visualize all your valuable customer data at a glance. This centralized customer data and the intuitive dashboard offer seamless tracking of performance metrics, enabling effective alignment across departments.

An overview of Factors’s customizable dashboard


A free trial is available. Paid plans are as follows;

  • Starter - $399 per month 
  • Growth - $799 per month

They provide two more plans, Custom and Agency. Contact Factors’ team to get more information about each plan.

2. HockeyStack

An overview of HockeyStack’s homepage

HockeyStack, a marketing analytics and attribution company, is another Bizible competitor. Its implementation is relatively easy, and you can complete it in two steps.

  1. Copy-paste the tracking code of HockeyStack to your website and product. 
  2. Connect your CRM, ad accounts, and every other tool in your stack - with one click. 

With HockeyStack, marketers can increase lead quality, track key accounts’ journeys, and measure and optimize ROI. The tool also allows marketers to measure their SEO efforts and understand their effect in the pipeline. 


Key features

  • Attribution:

This feature visualizes the customer journey on all touchpoints both before and after the conversion. According to HockeyStack’s website, by attributing all properties in CRM to revenue, HockeyStack can help understand how customer support affects monthly recurring revenue (MRR), what features lead to higher MRR, and more. 

  • Funnel Analytics:

It is a powerful analytical feature from HockeyStack that enables users to visualize various stages of the sales cycle. It helps provide visibility into how visitors are progressing within the website up until conversion. It also helps users understand where and why you are losing prospects.

  • Unified Tracking: 

Marketers can collect and visualize all their valuable customer data in one place. The feature also provides a comprehensive view of the customers’ journey by tracking every interaction the users have with the website or product. 

  • Custom Reports: 

HockeyStack provides several inbuilt templates for creating reports. Users can also make one from scratch. 


A free version isn't available for HockeyStack, but they provide a live demo and a 14-day free trial. Their paid plan starts from $949 monthly for 10K visitors for 10 users. To get a clear idea about their plans, please contact the HockeyStack team.

3. Dreamdata

An overview of Dreamdata’s homepage

Dreamdata is a revenue attribution platform for B2B businesses. It allows marketers to measure and scale marketing performance across all channels. In addition, the tool can connect and analyze measurable touchpoints across channels, campaigns, and offline events. 

It can also help map the touchpoints in the customer journey and provide detailed marketing analytics reports on revenue attribution. 

 Dreamdata’s review on G2

Key features

  • Multi-touch Attribution:

The feature provides a range of attribution models to determine channels that have the most impact on sales and revenue. It also helps improve the campaigns by identifying the most influential channels and attributing conversions to them.  

  • Revenue Analytics:

This tracks and analyzes data from various channels and offers insights into the revenue performance of a business. It identifies the profitable channels and helps optimize marketing spending to ensure maximum ROI. 

  • Customer Journey Analytics:

From the first touch to the last, Dreamdata offers complete customer journey details in real-time. It also allows marketers to track each account journey individually and visualizes its timeline. 

  • Performance Attribution: 

This feature is specifically for measuring and analyzing the performance of all revenue-generating activities. The activities include paid advertisements on search engines and social media platforms. 


Dreamdata offers both a free version and a free trial. In addition, they offer a ‘Team’ plan of $999/month and a ‘Business’ plan that depends on the custom business needs. 

4. Attribution

An overview of Attribution’s homepage

Attribution offers a complete multi-touch attribution solution for both B2C & B2B marketers. It is easy to set up and provides integration with third-party tools.

Attribution leverages cohort-based reporting to accumulate adequate data and gain insights at a granular level. The tool helps identify overlapping campaigns, visualize user timelines, and more. Their customer support is top-notch and is available 24/7.

Attribution’s review on G2

Key features 

  • Customizable Attribution Models: 

It allows marketers to customize the attribution models with minimal coding. 

  • Robust Auditing:  

Attribution has a built-in auditing tool that works round the clock to keep track of revenue allocations and report counterfeit errors. 

  • Multiple Built-in Integrations: 

Attribution supports many pre-built integrations to various CRM platforms, and B2B media channels like LinkedIn, Hubspot, Adroll, Outbrain, etc. 

  • Delivers Actionable Insights:

Attribution’s simple and intuitive dashboard proactively delivers insights after analyzing customer data. Further, marketers can drill down the reports to improvise their marketing efforts. 


Pricing details are not available on the website. Contact the Attribution team to learn more about their pricing plans.  

5. Full Circle Insights

An overview of Full Circle insight’s homepage

Full Circle Insights is another Bizible alternative that provides full-fledged marketing attribution. It also includes lead management and funnel metrics solutions. 

The tool has native integration with Salesforce to help businesses accurately measure campaign performance. However, implementation takes time, and the usability depends on whether the marketing team is knowledgeable about Salesforce. 

Full Circle Insight’s review on G2

Key features 

  • Revenue and Pipelines Analysis:

This feature uses sophisticated pipeline analysis to identify which marketing campaigns contribute to deals. It provides detailed reports that help businesses optimize and improve their marketing strategy. 

  • Out-of-the-box Attribution Models:

It provides various attribution models and enables marketers to customize them based on their business’s sales cycle and goals.

  • Full Funnel Visibility: 

Analyze funnel metrics at a granular level and track down the lead responses down the funnel to optimize your marketing strategies. 


Full Circle insights provide customized pricing plans. So, contact their team for more details.

5. CaliberMind

An overview of CaliberMind’s homepage

CaliberMind is a Bizible alternative that provides powerful marketing attribution. In addition, it is customizable, allowing the marketing team to build attribution models that meet their business needs.

The tool brings all customer behavior data across different channels and sources together in a single location. Also, the tool is adaptable to any tech stack and is scalable to grow with the business.

 CaliberMind’s review on G2

Key features

  • Multi-touch Attribution:

The feature helps understand the marketing effort’s impact on revenue and customer acquisition. It can track user interactions across different channels and help assign credit to the channels that drive more conversion and revenue. It also focuses on identifying what is impacting the pipeline and predicts pipeline generation.

  • Funnels:

This feature lets you identify why customers drop off during the journey. CaliberMind also helps you fill those gaps and enables you to get more out of your funnel. 

  • Web Tracking:

The innovative web tracker provides better visibility into your website traffic. As a result, you can quickly identify who interacted with your brand and at which point in their buyer journey.

  • Surge (ABM) Scoring:

Surge scoring based on account-based marketing (ABM) strategy lets you quickly identify potential customers with a high chance of buying your products or services. This feature leverages online behavior, customer information, and other relevant data to identify potential customers. 


CaliberMind offers a free trial, but its pricing is not transparent. Contact their team for more details. 

6. Ruler Analytics

An overview of Ruler Analytics’s homepage

Ruler Analytics is a marketing attribution tool that provides closed-loop attribution across different channels. It can track online and offline touchpoints and automatically reveal channels that drive conversions. 

The tool can track customer journeys quickly and link revenue to appropriate campaigns. In addition, it allows marketers to see how quality leads behave and optimize their campaigns accordingly. Ruler Analytics is easy to implement and provides good customer support.

Ruler Analytics’s review on G2

Key features

  • Marketing Attribution:

Ruler Analytics empowers marketing teams to track each website visitor across multiple sessions. After conversion, the tool collects revenue data from CRM and attributes it to influential campaigns. It provides various attribution models and lets marketers select the right one for their business. 

  • Opportunity Attribution:

This feature automatically attributes leads to the pipeline. Marketers can see how many leads are at each pipeline stage and track every lead to their source. 

  • Offline Conversion Tracking:

Ruler Analytics lets you track and identify offline touchpoints that contribute to or lead up to conversions. 

  • Data-Driven Attribution:

It generates actionable insights that help businesses;

  • Help optimize their marketing efforts.
  • Align marketing and sales team.
  • Visualize a more accurate customer journey. 


Ruler Analytics offers a free trial, and their pricing plans are as follows. 

  • Small/Medium Business - £199 per month. 
  • Large Business - £499 per month
  • Enterprise - £999 per month. 

It also provides an Advanced plan with pricing available upon request (POA).


Those mentioned above are a few of the many Bizible alternatives you can use. Choosing an attribution tool ultimately depends on your business needs and requirements. 

For example, if you are a B2B marketer in search of an attribution tool, then Factors would be an ideal choice. The tool is built for B2B marketers, enabling them to identify all website visitors, attribute revenue, provide the right attribution models, run ABM, and more. Whereas, if you are a small business that wants to have constant customer feedback to improve the product, then choose HockeyStack. Its Survey add-on feature would be handy.

Following are some key factors to consider when choosing an attribution tool. 

  • Make sure the tool is customizable to meet your business needs.
  • Check the pricing of each tool and ensure it provides value for the investment.
  • Make sure the tool can grow with your business.
  • Go through the reviews to find out what other customers have said about the tool.
  • Look into their customer service and find how helpful they are.

Keep these reviews and considerations in mind when you’re on the lookout for a Bizible alternative.

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