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7 B2B Video Marketing Ideas to Drive Demand and Convert Customers

August 11, 2022
February 27, 2024
Table of Contents

If you have hopped into this specific article, I will assume that you are currently looking for several video marketing ideas to stand out among the tough competition. If you still stick to outdated marketing strategies, other competitors will shine easily by outshining your brand. 

However, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. All you need to do is take a quick look at this write-up, and you will be able to uncover the plethora of ideas in no time. Making informed decisions will be easier than ever; stay tuned!

Video Marketing - What Does it Mean?

Before discussing the marketing ideas, let’s take a moment to grab some information on the term ‘video marketing.’ Well, it is an excellent tool that enables you to engage with your audience in the best possible manner.

By implementing this element with a video maker, you can now promote your products and services without breaking your bank. It is a cost-effective solution that tends to boost engagement on the digital and social channels, convert new customers into loyal clientele, and effortlessly educate your audience. Now, let’s talk about some statistics and numbers: 

  • 93% of the shared videos have helped the companies build brand awareness among the masses. 
  • According to 94% of business owners, videos have enabled them to boost their service or product understanding. 
  • 81% of the leaders think that switching to video marketing has allowed them to increase sales. 
  • 87% of company heads agree that videos have enhanced overall website traffic and engagement. 
  • 82% think videos are a great way to increase dwell time. 

Another survey states that,

  • Videos have increased brand awareness by 70%
  • Videos have boosted sales by 34%
  • Videos have paved the way for more traffic by 51%

Hopefully, you have now understood the massive impact of this video content in B2B sectors. 

Video Marketing- What Are the Marketing Ideas Convert Customers and Drive Demand?

Now, I will discuss some of the best ideas to help you rule the market and evolve as an absolute slayer. Check out the pointers stated below:

#1 Video Testimonials or Customer Stories

You can market your products and services by creating customer stories and testimonials in a video format. Since these types of content bring social proof in an open forum, it will persuade your clientele base to invest in your offerings and make a solid purchase. The honest opinions backed up by positive feedback will enable you to convert your new consumers into permanent ones. 

#2 Repurposing Your Existing Content

You can choose to make recycled videos from previous content that you have created for some other purpose. This idea will give you the scope to save your time, thus driving maximized value with minimal effort. Now, you might wonder what some ways of creating repurposed content are. Well, you can change the following formats into video content:

  • Blog posts can be converted into educational videos. 
  • Takeaways from live streams can be turned into on-demand video recaps. 
  • Podcasts can be converted into expert interview videos. 
  • Twitter chat replies can be converted into quick tips videos. 
  • Event takeaways can be further developed into event recap videos. 
  • Text-based case studies can be turned into event recap videos.  

Here, all you need to do is use an free video trimmer online to eliminate the unnecessary parts, thus limiting the overall period of the video. 

#3 Opt for How-to Videos

How-to or explainer videos are an excellent idea that can be used in the B2B context. Here, you will be able to educate your audience on the various functions performed by your products. Like this, your target customers will be able to gain maximum value after purchasing from your store.

The valuable information will help the individuals use the products without hassles or hindrances. However, you must keep these types of videos engaging and worthwhile.

#4 Behind the Scene Content

The behind the scene videos are a great way to expose individuals who strive hard to manufacture new products for their customers. These types of authentic content allow the users to build faith and trust in your brand. You can choose to post them on social media forums since they are an excellent platform that helps to create new bonds and relationships.

Using the iPhone, you can shoot casual footage, chitchats of your employers, and underproduced feelings; you will be able to portray top-notch authenticity in no time. A quick look behind your company’s curtain can drive demand to a new level.  

#5 Product Review Videos

With the help of product review videos, you can show your customer everything your company has to offer. Through these videos, you will get the fantastic opportunity to talk about the benefits and features of your products. This idea will expand your brand awareness, thus exposing you to new target audiences. 

#6 Webinars

Webinars allow companies to showcase their upcoming products, generate new leads and build maximized authority. According to a specific study, it is pretty evident that nearly 54% of B2B professionals rely on weekly webinars. By investing in webinars and talking about super relevant topics, you will be able to win millions of hearts out there. 

#7 Videos Building Brand Awareness

These videos speak volumes about your brand rather than the broad range of products and services. It will allow your customers to learn more about the visions and missions of your organization. 

Video Marketing- What Are the Benefits?

Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • It will improve your visibility on social media forums. 
  • People will be able to understand your product without getting confused. 
  • You will be able to enjoy top-notch engagement and exposure. 
  • Standing out among the crowd will be extremely easy, similar to a smooth cakewalk. 
  • Your websites will rank higher in no time. 

Wrapping Up

By implementing these ideas, you can now choose to steal the spotlight and acquire an unbeatable position in the market. So start generating creative video content now!

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