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9 Best Sales Intelligence Tools - Benefits, Limitations & Pricing

Himani Trivedi
October 17, 2023
February 27, 2024
Table of Contents

Sales intelligence tools provide marketing and sales teams with relevant data to refine outreach and targeting workflows and performance. Leveraging sales intelligence tools help drive pipeline by discovering high-intent target accounts (with reverse IP-lookup account identification), surfacing relevant contact data (phone numbers, mail IDs, etc), enriching account profiles (firmographics and technographics), and/or reporting GTM metrics and KPIs. In short, sales intelligence tools provide insights to support better marketing and sales efforts. 

Needless to say, sales intelligence relies crucially on accurate, up-to-date data to be of any value. Workflow automations, integrations, UI, customer support, and pricing plans are other factors you should consider when evaluating a sales intelligence tool. 

While there’s no shortage of sales intelligence solutions out there, it can be challenging to pick one that aligns with your requirements and budget. The following article reviews the top 8 sales intelligence tools for your consideration. 

Sales Intelligence - Account Level

Depending on the nature of your business, your total addressable market may be very, very large. Especially for SMEs with limited resources, it wouldn’t make sense to go after each and every account in your TAM. Instead, it's important to identify and prioritize those ICP accounts that showcase the most buying intent with your brand. 

Account intelligence tools use reverse IP-lookup to do just that: identify and qualify anonymous, high-intent companies that are already engaging with your brand but are yet to convert. Account intelligence tools deanonymize traffic to reveal account names, firmographics, technographics and more. 

With account intelligence tools, you may target warm accounts as opposed to cold, brand-unaware ones. This, unsurprisingly, results in more conversions than ever before. Here are 4 robust account intelligence platforms for your consideration:

1. Factors.AI

Factors is an AI-fuelled account intelligence solution built upon strong analytics and attribution foundations for B2B teams. Factors provides a wide range of features including account identification, account scoring, workflow automations, multi-touch attribution and more. 


  • Account identification - discover anonymous accounts interacting with your brand
  • Account enrichment - enrich accounts with firmographics and technographics
  • Analytics & attribution - KPI reporting, funnels, path analysis, multi-touch attribution and more
  • Journeys & scoring - Bird’s eye view of customer journeys and account scoring based on cross-channel engagement 
  • Workflow automations - Configure real-time alerts, trigger-based emails, CRM updates and more based on intent signals


  • Data-accuracy - Factors works with industry-leading data partners including 6sense and Clearbit to deliver accurate account identification match rates of up to 64%. This includes firmographics and technographics such as geos, industry, revenue range, employee headcount, etc. 
  • Holistic scoring - Deep-rooted collaborations with LinkedIn and G2 in addition to website engagement ensures that accounts are scored holistically across the most common channels
  • Robust analytics - Given that Factors is built upon strong analytics and attribution foundations, it provides unmatched granularity in terms of reporting and reporting techniques — so you can make data driven decisions, effortlessly 


  • Contact-level data: At the moment, Factors does not provide contact-level data such as email IDs or phone numbers. Instead, users will have to integrate this data from a contact database provider like Apollo or ZoomInfo
  • Native integrations: At the moment, Factors provides native integrations with the most popular B2B ad platforms, CRMs, MAPs, CDPs, and more. That being said, it misses out on integrations with lesser used platforms like Zoho. Note that data may still be pushed from Factors to nearly any other tool in the webhooks (Zapier, Make.com, etc). 


Factors pricing is based on the number of accounts identified (or volume of monthly website traffic). Factors does offer a free trial and a free plan. Learn more about Factors pricing here: www.factors.ai/pricing

2. Clearbit


Clearbit is an industry-leading sales and marketing intelligence platform that helps teams gain deeper insights into their customers, enhancing marketing efforts and sales strategies. Through a suite of APIs, Clearbit integrates with existing systems, providing real-time identification and enrichment data. 


  • Reveal - Clearbit identifies anonymous website visitors using IP-lookup. Given that every tool on this list does this, data accuracy and pricing are two important considerations when differentiating between alternatives. 
  • Enrichment - Clearbit also provides firmographics from over 250 data sources. This includes technologies, headcount, revenue, location, contact information, and more.
  • Capture - like Leadfeeder Contacts, identifies best-fit contacts from companies visiting your website to reach out to with retargeting campaigns or outbound efforts


  • Intuitive UI - Clearbit is a well-established platform with an intuitive, accessible user interface making it easy to plug and play for most teams.
  • Strong integrations - Clearbit provides deeper, two-way integrations with CRMs, Internals comms, and other everyday GTM platforms as compared to other tools on this list. 
  • Contact database - In addition to account level data, Clearbit also provides a contact database to streamline the outreach process by recommending relevant people to get in touch with. 
clearbit benefit


  • Pricing - While Clearbit boasts an impressive database, it’s definitely a more premium product. Pricing starts at around $12,000 annually for its more basic plans. This might be inaccessible for early-stage SME teams.


Clearbit does not openly reveal its pricing but estimates place it starting at about $12,000-$20,000 a year. Learn more about Clearbit pricing by connecting with their sales team. 

3. Leadsquared

LeadSquared CRM is a sales and marketing automation platform to boost sales productivity and revenue outcomes. Salespeople can sell a lot faster and smarter by using LeadSquared's customizable workflows, reminder systems, and lead scoring features. The tool also provides complete visibility into the prospects activities and preferences in a single view, for a more personalized selling experience. 


- Automated Lead Management: Capture, distribute, and track leads at every stage of the sales funnel. 

- Reports and Analytics: In-depth reports for managers to analyze sales performance, forecast sales, and manage the team's targets. 

- Segmented User Lists: Assign customers to lists based on various parameters such as demographics, preferences, etc. Businesses can set up trigger-based communication for every list to personalize communication. 

- Mobile CRM: Track field sales activities and interactions as your sales reps get through the day. The Mobile CRM also allows them to upload documents and lead data from their phone. 

- Built-in-dialer: Set up one-click calls to prospects, manage call logs, recordings, and notes by integrating with IVR solutions. 



- Completely customizable: LeadSquared is a good fit for businesses of all sizes, no matter how complicated their workflows are. The product and workflows can be customized to solve specific business challenges. 

- Integrations: All your data can be centralized on the CRM because it can be easily integrated with most of the popular tools. 

- Security: LeadSquared is compliant with all the laws and regulations related to data security. So, businesses never have to worry about the data they add on the platform.


Initial training: Users who are new to using a CRM might require training while setting up complex automation and reporting.


LeadSquared offers three plans based on the features businesses may require. Here are the specifications of these plans:

leadsquared pricing

4. Leadfeeder/Dealfront

Leadfeeder [Now Dealfront] is another popular account intelligence solution that’s been around for quite some time. It has recently rebranded itself as Dealfront — a Europe-centric GTM intelligence platform. This has resulted in several former customers looking for Leadfeeder Alternatives. That being said, it’s still a comprehensive solution depending on your use-case. 


  • Account identification - As with other tools on this account intelligence list, Leadfeeder identifies the names of the companies visiting your website. 
  • Leadfeeder Contacts - As with Clearbit, Leadfeeder also provides contact-level data based on the accounts visiting your website 


  • Europe-centric data - If you’re looking for Europe-focused sales intelligence, Leadfeeder may be the best choice for you, given that it especially specializes in European geographies. 


  • Shacky integrations - While Leadfeeder provides a wide range of integrations, users often find discrepancies and inaccuracies in terms of data synchronization. 
  • Poor customer success - Several users complain about Leadfeeder’s poor customer success, claiming it to be pushy and unhelpful.


As with most other tools on this list, Leadfeeder pricing is based on the volume of data consumed. Leadfeeder does offer a free plan. Leadfeeder pricing starts at about $150. 

5. Albacross


Finally, we arrive at Albacross. Albacross is another leading sales intelligence tool. The Sweden-based platform works with 10,000+ companies to provide data enrichment, sales alerts and intent signals.


  • Account Identification: Albacross identifies anonymous accounts, firmographic information and visitor intent. Albacross features one of the largest proprietary first-party databases in the world.
  • Personalization: Albacross natively integrates with popular personalization tools such as Optimizely and VWO to customize website content based on who’s visiting the site. 
  • Display ads: Albacross can also launch and monitor display ads within the platform itself. The software partners with several publicists such as The New York Times and Daily Mail to distribute account-level targeted ads. 


  • Experimenting: Albacross  offers the unique benefit to experiment and run A/B tests in conjunction with visitor identification and intent data. 
  • Customer success: Several reviews rave about Albacross’s stellar customer success management. Given that Albacross is considered to be an involved, enterprise-level tool, it’s essential to have this level of support to get the most value out of the product. 
albacross like


  • Rigid firmographics and filters - Albacross lacks agility when it comes to filters and breakdowns. Reviews reveal that, unlike other tools on this list, Albacross is currently unable to filter identified companies based on firmographics such as name or size. As a result, users seem to find sorting and reporting somewhat challenging.
  • Buggy integrations: Multiple reviews claim that Albacross’s integrations, especially with CRMs like Salesforce, could do with some work. Given that visitor identification is primarily used to support ABM, this can be a major drawback to B2B teams. 
  • Limited documentation and resources make users overly reliant on customer success teams
Albacross dislike

Sales Intelligence - Contact Level

Identifying in-market accounts is a fantastic start to optimizing GTM performance. But once you have a set of target accounts, you also need to know who to reach out to within those accounts for the best chance of conversions. You need phone numbers, email IDs, and LinkedIn profiles to get in touch with the relevant stakeholders and move forward with outreach and targeting. 

This next set of sales intelligence tools helps with just that: Identifying relevant contacts and their contact information from your target accounts using enormous contact databases. 

6. Apollo

Apollo is a sales intelligence and engagement platform. It is an end-to-end sales solution platform with over 265 million contacts. It provides access to rich  buyer data, analytical insights and automated and personalized workflows for outreach.


  • Enrich: Apollo helps search and enrich lead data leveraging their extensive B2B database.
  • Prospect: Using over 65 data attributes, Apollo helps you build lists and filter leads with precision 
  • Engage: automated sequencing across channels like LinkedIn, SMS, email, etc with AI-powered hyper personalisation. 


  • Powerful Search Tool: The search capabilities are robust, allowing you to fine-tune our searches for targeted sales prospecting.
  • Great Support: The customer support team has been responsive and helpful whenever we've had questions or needed assistance.
Appolo Review


Surface-level LinkedIn Integration: No cross-platform automation available with LinkedIn

Steep learning curve: The numerous customizations and variables can be overwhelming for beginners


Apollo.io has user based pricing model with a basic plan that starts at $49 dollars/user per month:

Appolo pricing

7. Slintel 

Slintel is an advanced sales intelligence software that provides valuable technographic data and helps enhance leads by offering precise details about prospects, including email addresses and contact information. 


  • Buyer enrichment: rich database which provides additional information about their leads and prospects, such as company size, location, and industry 
  • Buyer intent tracking: Slintel has a valuable indicator to signify a lead’s readiness to purchase.
  • People Profiles: Slintel’s database also provides detailed information about the individuals within a company, including their job titles, responsibilities, and contact information.


  • Technographic filtering: Slintel features unique filters based on understanding the technologies that their leads and prospects are using. 
  • API suite: Slintel’s API offers range of integrations that help connect with your teams’ current operating system, workflow, and technological infrastructure


No mobile credits: Slintel has overlooked an important outbound channel by not providing mobile credits in any of their plans.



Slintel has tiered pricing and prices for each plan vary based on the number of leads and users, as well as the duration of the subscription.

8. LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a popular sales intelligence that enables professionals to expand their network, find potential customers, and engage in effective lead generation. It offers advanced search capabilities, personalized insights, and seamless integration with other sales tools for enhanced prospecting and relationship building.


  • Search Feature: The Sales Navigator advanced search function gives reps the power to more narrowly target their ideal leads and discover relevant connections.
  • Automated Lead Generation: The Lead Recommendations feature suggests relevant leads based on your sales preferences, search history, profile views, and past saved leads.
  • Real-time updates: Sales Navigstor provides real-time updates on their leads and accounts, including job changes, company updates, and news mentions.
  • Customized Lists: Users can create and save customized lead and account lists for targeted outreach.


  • Lead Tracking and Notes: Users can save leads and accounts, add notes, and track interactions, helping them stay organized and keep a record of their sales activities.
  • InMail Credits: users get a certain number of InMail credits with a sales navigator subscription, which allow them to send direct messages to LinkedIn members even if they are not connected. 


  • Cost: LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium service and can be relatively expensive, especially for individual users or small businesses. The cost may be a barrier for some users.
  • Learning Curve: The platform has a steeper learning curve and it may take time to fully understand and utilize all its features effectively.
  • Limited InMail Credits: While Sales Navigator provides limited InMail credits. If users exhaust their credits, they may need to purchase additional ones, which is costly.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers three pricing tiers: Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus:

7. LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

9. Lusha

Lusha is a lead generation and data enrichment tool that aims to help companies generate qualified leads and maximize conversions. It helps manage business leads, company contacts, and B2B databases fo better sales prospecting. 


  • Team: Lusha lets you add team members and create different groups within the application to facilitate collaboration.
  • Technology Filter: Lusha's Technographic filters that give businesses the ability to target companies based on the technology stack they are using.
  • Salesforce Data Enrichment: Lusha's Salesforce Data Enrichment feature automatically enriches Salesforce records with accurate contact and company data.
  • Intent: Lusha allows you to filkter prospects based on their behavioral signals


  • High Accuracy: Lusha claims the highest accuracy rate in the entire industry, claiming 81% accurate emails and phone numbers to their users for cold outreach.
  • User-friendly interface: The platform interface is intuitive and easy to navigate for beginners.
  • Chrome extension: Lusha’s chrome extension is a value add that makes it easy to get the contact information from the browser directly.
  • Responsive customer support: The customer support team is extremely responsive and friendly, helping improve the user experience.


Data Security: there are reports of outrage from customers that accuse Lusha of selling their personal information to third parties. 


Much like most softwares on this list, Lusha has a usage based pricing model with 4 plans- free, pro, premium and scale:

lusha pricing

In conclusion, your ideal sales intelligence tool should offer a comprehensive suite of features that empower you to not only identify potential customers but also to understand their buying decisions. It should automate workflows, personalize communication, and enable more effective outreach. The tool should be dynamic, relying on real-time data and signals to connect with the right buyers at the right time.

As you pick your sales intelligence tool, understand the role of technology in your broader GTM strategy. Look for a tool that can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, enabling a cohesive and efficient approach to lead generation and customer engagement. Let your sales intelligence tool become a strategic partner in your business's success- schedule a demo with Factors.ai

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