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SaaStr 2022: The Ultimate List of SaaS Mixers, Afterparties & More

Ranga Kaliyur
September 13, 2022
February 27, 2024
Table of Contents

Looking for the hottest SaaStr mixers to hit up in and around the Bay Area? We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list of SaaStr events, after-parties, and more. See you there!

SaaStr 2022 is officially afoot. Join the biggest community of SaaS founders, executives, and leading minds from 13-15th September to learn, network, and let loose. Unsure about which of the dozens of SaaStr mixers to check out? Find the best ones below:

SaaStr Day 1️⃣ - Sep 13th, 2022 - SaaS events, mixers, and after parties

1. Zendesk & Endeavor Happy Hour

Zendesk & Endeavor is a wonderful opportunity to interact with high level executives from some of the most promising, high-growth start-ups. Of course, this includes stars from Zendesk as well — including COO Jeff Titterton and Director of Strategic Investments, Terry Evans.

When: 5PM-8PM, September 13, 2022


Pinstripes, Ballroom A

36 Hillsdale Mall

San Mateo, CA 94403


Save a seat here

2. SAAS Comedy Show

Take a trip downtown to enjoy an evening of networking, negotiations tips, SaaS stacks and of course, good laughs. The event is hosted by Cloudeagel, Sprinto, and Chargebee for CFOs, CIOs, CEOs, CXOs and other finance and IT leaders from organizations with at least 100 employees.

When: 7:30PM-9PM, September 13th

Where: Kohl Pumphouse (101 9th Ave, San Mateo Downtown)

3. Lavender X Correlated - SaaStr Happy Hour

When: 5PM-7:30PM, September 13th

Where: Refuge San Mateo

4. SaaS Connect Cocktails

Take a quick break between SaaStr conferences and your late-evening after-parties by dropping into SaaS Connect Cocktails for an early drink or two. The cocktail party is set to host some cutting SaaS teams including AppBind, Impact, and PartnerStack. 

When: 5-8PM, September 13th

Where: The Clubhouse Bistro, Foster City

Save you seat here

5. Oh Snap! Sips & SaaS with Fullstory 

Who doesn’t love a good throw back? With old school beverages, bites, and business straight from the 90s, Fullstory is ticking all the right boxes with its Sips & SaaS mixer. The only thing that may seem futuristic is all the great tech created by the SaaS pros you’ll meet.

When: 6:30-8:30PM, September 13th 

Where: Fogbird, 144 South B Street, San Mateo, CA

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6. NightCap Happy Hour

Capchase and Ramp are bringing together a cohort of the most promising SaaS leaders. This is your chance to take a break from the hustle and bustle of SaaStr with some great food, and better company. Note that seats are limited so you should register ASAP!

When: 6:30PM, September 13th

Where: Central park Bistro, 181 E 4th Ave, San Mateo

Limited seats! Register now

7. Outreach at SaaStr: Curry Up Now Afterparty

What’s the one thing everyone needs after a long day of SaaString? That’s right — A big big spread of Indian street food. Join the wonderful Outreach team and get yourself involved in conversations, connections, and…curry. Doesn’t get much better than this.

When: 6PM-9PM, 13th September

Where: Curry Up Now, 129 S B St, San Mateo

Register here!

8. Opp-tober Fest - Tripactions and Cobalt

Okay. Not a fan of the pun. Definitely a fan of the beer. October is early in San Mateo as Tripaction and Cobalt encourage you to hang out with other *sigh* B2B Prost-fessionals for a night of  Oktoberfest-inspired meals and merries. 

When: 6PM-9:30PM, September 13th

Where: Wurst Hall, 310 Baldwin Ave, San Mateo

Sign up here

9. Happy Hour with Safebase

What could possibly be better than icy beers at Opp-tober fest? How about icy beers AND pizza at Safebase’s wonderful happy hour. What’s more? They’re hosting a golf simulator in collaboration with Dryvebox. What’s your handicap anyway? 

When: 6:30PM-9PM, September 13th

Where: Rise Woodfire, 2, North B Street, San Mateo

Save a spot here

10. Bowling with Stripe

Bowling! Bocceball! Snacks! The perfect after party for 12 year ol  – SaaS professionals. Stripe is hosting a super fun happy hour. Drop by and say hi to their founders.

When: 6PM-9PM, 13th Sep


Pinstripes San Mateo, Floor 2

36 Hillsdale Mall

San Mateo CA 94403

Register now

SaaStr Day 2️⃣ - Sep 14th, 2022 - SaaS events, mixers, and after parties

1. The B2B Comedy Roast

After visiting the wonderful Mutiny team at Booth 177, join them for an evening of laughs, great food, and refreshing drinks at the Hillsdale Mall. The B2B Comedy Roast is co-hosted by Chili Pepper so you’re certain to meet a few ingenious SaaS masterminds.

When: 6-9PM, September 14th

Where: Pinstripes, 26 Hillsdale Mall, San Mateo

RSVP here

2. After Party with Carta & Notion

When: 6:00pm - 9:00pm, September 13 

Where:  Foreigner, 60 E 3rd Ave Ste 108, San Mateo, CA

Sign up here

3. After Party with Mercury and CRV

When: 4:30PM-7:30PM, Sep 14th

Where: The Swingin’ Door, 106, E 25th Ave, San Mateo

Register here

4. After Party with Openphone & Scratchpad

When: 6:30PM-10PM, Sep 13th

Where: Food Crush, 251 S B St, San Mateo

RSVP here

5. Community Meetup by Threado

When: 7PM-9M, September 14th

Where: The Blacksmith, 2048 Broadway, Redwood City, CA

RSVP here

6. Taco-Bout Founders with MicroAcquire

UPDATE: As fun as this sounds, we hear that this event is 100% booked out already. Sorry! 

When: 6PM onwards, September 14th

Where: San Mateo

SaaStr Day 3️⃣ - Sep 15th, 2022 -  SaaS events, mixers, and after parties

1. Inclusion Lounge

Our personal favorite mixer this year is definitely Women in Revenue’s happy hour for all women, nonbinary, and gender fluid folk working in roles aligned with revenue. Sounds like a great opportunity to make new friends and connections. We’re really looking forward to it!

When: 4-6PM, September 15th

Where: Sponsor Hall near between Brex (#801) and Laika (#311)/Carta (#312)

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